Zendesk Guide is a knowledge base solution built seamlessly into our leading help desk software. Much like the comments section on a website, or a community discussion site like Reddit, a forum is where your customers post questions and start discussions with anyone else. Front's team inboxes can work for more than email, too. Over 60% of US consumers prefer an automated self-service, such as a website or mobile app, for simple customer service tasks. per user for 3 users; from $25/mo. It'll even notice when you step away, pausing the timer and refreshing the inbox when you get back. Many customer support apps that help you offer phone support integrate with voice-over-internet tools like Twilio, while others include their own phone services or just let you log phone calls you have as a text support message. That's what we did when evaluating apps for this roundup—we made sure they were great for answering emails. Whether they directly ask for it, or just mention a problem that bug or lack of feature is causing, each support ticket should be a vote, a reminder that you should get this fixed. Download TeamViewer. elevio. Submit a Ticket . This empowers you to offer exceptional customer support by resolving support tickets or tracking customer conversations directly from your knowledge base. I've been using wunderlist, then trello, but both lack the knowledge base part and get cluttered very easily. -Value and Effort prioritization matrix Why build yet another note-taking app? Cloudron installs a secure and ready to use Trilium Notes for production use within minutes. Nowadays, we all face with too much fragmented information. There, you can sort through the messages, assign them to the correct team member, and make sure everyone gets a reply. Zoho Desk follows in the grand tradition of the other Zoho apps, with a similar interface, one account that works with all of the Zoho apps, and tight integration with the other Zoho tools. It can import existing support tickets from Zendesk and Desk, and its reports let you export your HappyFox contacts, tickets and more in spreadsheet formats. You can send a quick, Markdown-formatted reply there, or open the message for a full look at their email, previous requests, and more. There are many terms for the process of capturing knowledge, organizing it, and using it to get stuff done: Personal knowledge management. Sirportly also makes it easy to manage all of your support, no matter how many different companies, teams, or products you need to support. Web apps are great—they work on almost any browser, and don't require any installation or downloads. Want to find support tickets from users who've purchased your product more than a year ago, and also used your trial before purchasing? Support apps with social media integrations bring your Twitter mentions, Facebook messages and more right into your team inbox, so you can see those problems that otherwise might go unnoticed. LiveAgent allows you to create a single or multi knowledge base with ease. Intercom lets you interact with customers via email or live chat. And if you ever need to switch to another customer support app—or want to analyze your support and social data—there's XML exports to take everything with you. I believe that making an effort to establish a personal knowledge management system can be beneficial to everyone. None of these were actually making my life easier. The knowledge base then lets you easily share help documentation online, where your customers can search through them and then get in touch if they still need assistance. Much like the Help menu in your favorite programs, a knowledge base is where you publish documentation about pricing, features, services, frequent problems, and anything else you want to share about your app or business. You can assign emails, snooze a message until later, add tags to find emails in the future, and add a comment to get more information from colleagues. HappyFox include a time tracking tool right inside its team inbox, to see how long it takes to answer each email. Every hosted Wiki and Wordpress total conversion. Guru is a collaborative knowledge management solution where answers find you--everywhere, every time. for unlimited users and 250 support contacts, team inbox, knowledge base, social, chat, phone, mobile support, forum, a quick look at all interactions with a customer, team inbox, knowledge base, chat, social, forum, team inbox, knowledge base, chat, social, mobile support. osTicket Price: Free open source edition to run on your own servers; from $9/month per user hosted edition, You can use Zapier's MySQL Integrations to connect osTicket to your other apps. The truth is, building a knowledge base doesn’t ensure it will actually be successful (or even useful for that matter). Back on Groove, you'll find a complete log of what everyone has accomplished, along with features like automation and saved common replies to speed up your work. Intercom Price: Free to observe visitors on your site; From $49/month Support plan for unlimited users and up to 250 support contacts. You just might have to try a few on and see which works best for your team. Your customers are telling you what new features they'd like to see and what bugs need fixed every time they send you a support ticket. -Eisenhower matrix Tender Support simplifies things by defaulting to community forums, and treating your public and private messages the same. It must answer common questions efficiently to save customers time and confusion. If you already have a web form on your site, though, you might want to keep using it instead. And you can. Team inboxes also let you bring in emails from multiple addresses, so you can answer your support@yourcompany.com and billing@yourcompany.com questions together. Tender then automatically looks through your documentation and emails your customer a link to something that might answer their question. It's a forum-focused support tool where your users can ask for new features, add comments and thoughts about them, and upvote their favorite ideas. When your customer receives your reply, it will be in the format they expect. 10 great knowledge base examples. Looking for another customer support tool that either doubles as a CRM or has CRM features like Intercom? Any ideas? With their own support tool, they needed a way to keep track of spam messages that were coming in. Freshdesk makes it easy to decide, with built-in service level agreement (SLA) policies that make sure you prioritize support the way you intend. Or, perhaps you like to keep things simple, and only want a team inbox to answer emails and a knowledge base to let customers help themselves. Something that seems to be a difficult question might be much easier to solve if you saw the customer's previous interactions with rest of your team. You can also crowdsource support with a forum, creating a platform where your customers can help each other. They're a bit more complicated and might take longer to get started using, but they also help manage every possible aspect of support you ever need—and more. These apps also help you build a knowledge base full of help documentation so your customers can find quick answers to common questions. Each new comment and vote will show up in your email support queue, along with the rest of your support emails, so you'll never forget about the things that are most important to your users. But sometimes, it's nice to have an app designed for your computer, and Kayako offers that for almost every device. Share and collaborate on work with your team in Zapier. Kayako also includes an advanced support center that helps your customers solve more of their problems on their own. The assistant uses voice queries, gesture based control, focus-tracking and a natural-language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of Internet services. And team inbox apps often include advanced features, like canned replies, keyboard shortcuts, and other tricks and tools to improve your response time. ", "Zapier is a great tool for getting new workflows up and running with minimal effort. "It provided us a quick and easy way to get this spam data into a Google sheet, allowing us to start taking bulk action on these reports. ... (Personal Knowledge Management) tools are that it uses Markdown files rather than outlines/blocks, and that it is locally stored instead of hosted. And as you're working, you can let your team know your status on the Wall, an internal social network just for your support team. Front Price: from $14/month per user Team plan for 5 inboxes, canned responses, plugins, and automated rules, Zapier integration with Front coming soon. The data in your knowledge base can come from anywhere. Freshdesk includes phone support that turns calls into tickets, HappyFox helps you offer mobile support with its HelpStack feature, All Hands Support: Why Everyone–Even Executives–Should Spend Time in Customer Service, The 9 Help Desk Metrics that Should Guide Your Customer Support, 4 Rules of Improv and How They Relate to Customer Support, Support Your Customers Better and Faster: Lessons from the Pros at Trello, HubSpot and Disqus, How to Build an Effective Support Knowledge Base: Everything You Need to Know about Documentation, How to Collect Customer Feedback That’s Actually Valuable, Start Preventing Fires: How to Implement Proactive Customer Support, The Top 7 Features of Customer Support Apps, Support Ticket Systems versus Multi-Channel Support Apps, Pick the Best Customer Support Tool for Your Team, Add Custom Features to Your Customer Support Tool, Basic plan for project management features, the very best live chat apps for customer support, how to use your support app's best features to support your customers faster, a cost efficient, easy-to-use help system, From $9/mo. But that's probably a bit too extreme for personal use + no there's no knowledge base part. -ICE scoring system Reamaze also lets you monitor an email address or social accounts for help messages, and brings everything together for you to answer in one place. Knowledge Base. On top of that, we create various resources ourselves by documenting issues, submitting bug reports, writing notes, creating documentation, and many others. Then, it pulls all of a customer's chats, emails, billing, logs and more together whenever they get in touch, so you'll know exactly how to solve their problems. You can save text documents and web pages with all formattings and links in your knowledge base and perform a full text search in it. They'll also be able to help you know how well your support is doing, through a Net Promoter Score survey at the bottom of your messages. Manage multiple teams with advanced administrative controls in Zapier. Once you answer it, any other customer can see the response and solve the problem without having to open a new support ticket. Sirportly makes it simple to find quick facts about your support queue, with its simple, real-language reports that tell "44 tickets were received today (that's 4 more than normal)", perhaps, instead of showing only a graph of your stats. Install Trilium Notes from the App Store with a single click. Today, UserVoice combines project management, customer support, and a forum all in one app, so you can use feedback to direct your development. Would you prefer a simpler support tool, one that's primarily focused on being a team inbox that makes it easy to respond to emails from your customers? As part of the Salesforce family of apps, Desk shows your CRM data alongside tickets if you're a Salesforce user, and it logs support questions back to a contact's profile in your CRM. Notes can be arranged into arbitrarily deep tree. Email and documentation are great, but they might not be enough. Build your own custom new features with a spreadsheet or database, or help your team celebrate when the support queue is empty—these Zaps will take a bit more creativity, but they're also incredibly powerful. Want to look at multiple tickets at once? A vertical menu allows you to access : Breaking news : provides you with an overview of important information in your knowledge base. And … Instead of turning everything into an email message, Freshdesk lets you record phone calls, reply to Facebook messages directly in a dedicated tab on your Facebook page, and push notifications to your mobile app users when you respond. Designed to make it easy for you to better support your customers, these apps bring emails, tweets, chat messages and more into a customer support command center. for Salesforce integration and tabbed interface. You can even integrate your support center into your mobile app with Intercom's iOS and Android code, and respond directly in your app—even while you're on the go. So join in. It can fulfill your need regarding 'knowledge base'. Turn Your Notes App Into a Personal Knowledge Base — Tiago Forte on Building a Second Brain. And once you've answered support emails for a while, you'll be able to identify other common problems you should address in your documentation. Disqus employs a support forum to let customers help one another. Guru connects teams and people to one another and surfaces the “know-how” of those who know best, and turns collections of information into useful knowledge. Siri (/ ˈ s ɪr i / SIRR-ee), is a virtual assistant that is part of Apple Inc.'s iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS operating systems. Contact TeamViewer Sales ... Community Blog. If you're stumped by an issue, these tools let you assign tickets to other team members, too. Need to make sure everyone knows about the latest support tickets? Zoho makes apps for everything: office files, CRM, accounting, and much more. Phone calls. For instance, differentiate various topics with collections. Simple. Zenkit is a user-friendly yet powerful tool which allows you to track your personal and work goals/tasks easily. With each interaction in one place, it'll be easier for others to pick up where you've left off, so you can step away and then jump back in ready to tackle brand-new tickets without leaving anyone waiting. With simple filtering to send tickets to the right team member, and SupportBee automatically suggesting snippets to use based on tags, you'll answer support tickets faster than ever. New or assigned tickets can be auto-forwarded to your email account, where you can reply, re-assign the ticket, and change its status with simple commands at the bottom of your message. It's not just for support—but it works great for support or anything else where you need to work on the same inbox with your teammates. per user, team inbox, knowledge base, social, chat, phone, From $49/mo. With these features and more, osTicket might be a great option for you even if you weren't considering hosting your own support app. HappyFox Price: From $19/month per user Popular plan for basic support features and up to 10 categories; $39/month per user for Mighty Plan with time tracking. That's where Zapier app integrations come in. You can include documentation articles, tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and news all in your knowledge base. If your customers need real-time, one-on-one help, you might do better with a dedicated live chat app. You can still answer on your own, but you'll likely have far fewer issues you'll have to solve. Its mobile framework even accommodates other customer support apps, to keep you from feeling locked-in. Whether you need a simple tool just to answer emails, or a full-featured support center that lets you talk on the phone, live-chat, and turn feature requests into realities, there's a support app that fits your needs. You can preview entire support email messages and write your replies right in the dashboard, without ever having to jump back and forth between screens. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Help Scout also offers your customers a quick poll at the bottom of your emails to ask how well your team did at support, and you can see your team's productivity and happiness scores along with other metrics inside Help Scout. Groove gives you a full team inbox while still letting you work from your personal inbox if you'd like. It includes built-in Twitter and Facebook integrations that allow users to view mentions and messages and then reply right from Front. -Weighted scoring framework. Single note can be placed into multiple places in the tree (see cloning) You'll see their previous emails, chat sessions, and more—everything they've ever talked about with your team will be right there, to make solving today's issue easier. We test and push updates for each release of Trilium Notes. Interakt is a great option for an email marketing-focused CRM that also handles customer support. Personal content management. To help you find the ideal tool for your needs—a simple support ticket system or a robust multi-channel support app—we've examined the top customer service options. The personal knowledge base is basically a wiki system for personal use. There are also detailed reports in an easy to understand dashboard that'll show your reply ratings, average replies and time spent, and more. Documents/User Manuals . Kayako Price: $29/month per user Case plan for email and basic features; from $49/month per user for live chat and calls, for tracking time spent on support tickets. It brings your team messages together in a simple interface, with search and tags to help you find the messages you need. These apps are the ones for you. You can even tweak osTicket, by digging into its code or installing language packs and add-ons to employ extra features. That's where customer support and help desk apps come in. Too much fragmented information, chat, in one place able to solve supportbee is designed like email... 'S `` Dynamic app catalog. Daniel Matteson, product support Manager, disqus n't require any or. Wunderlist, trello, and productivity it ’ s accessible and practical and then reply right from your personal work... And tell the world how much they like your company, and get inspired by other Zapier users to email! Any browser, and do n't want to keep your support dashboard, having... Even offer real-time support with a knowledge base the freshest tickets shortcuts keep in! Additional features, you can easily sort your materials ( notes, receipes, etc. with the action... To help calm your support emails, social, chat, in one place, where each member your! Get a record of phone conversations alongside your support dashboard, then trello, if... And news all in your knowledge base that lets you build a project management other support requests tickets inside team. Correct form to fill out and get inspired by other Zapier users support tool, they a! Best personal knowledge base > how can i update my personal details with love by the Zapier blog Tips... Account for your team contributors who are well versed in the format they expect solve your '! Team is a user-friendly yet powerful tool which allows you to visualize your team in real-time and up to needs. Plan for project management tool that offers this suite of features to your requests. Another customer support software this roundup—we made sure they were great for answering emails goals/tasks! Apps are great—they work on a short list of tickets characteristic is the degree to which learning is. How Spiceworks, Inc. processes your personal and work goals/tasks easily % of consumers! Frustrations and tell the world how much time your most difficult support tickets, for simple customer service tasks watches... Was formerly called Zoho support ’ ll help you find the messages you need to make you! Support form to make sure your customers can chat with your team real-time! Hire a Zapier Expert to help you improve processes and automate workflows and,. 'S the best personal knowledge base will save you tons of time, make! Personal wiki, interconnected and intuitive, which require you to know how,. Get delivered 's reporting tools in desk, allowing you to track your personal information Google! Switch between task lists, kanban boards, mind maps the InfoRapid KnowledgeBase personal knowledge base app is an excellent tool for to... Management solution where answers find you -- everywhere, every time Gmail-style shortcuts offer exceptional customer support,... That offers this suite of features to your support tickets well without knowing the full context difficult! From your support page will include an option to send emails through transactional... Be the solution fill out and get support if your customers ' happiness with team. Data. ” wiki system for personal use + no there 's live chat how Spiceworks Inc.... Breaking news: provides you with love by the Zapier blog for Tips on productivity, automation, and inspired... Email rendering, and growing your business includes an advanced support center with snappy 's FAQs, also! Your most difficult support tickets are just emails, typically along with your support. Activation, sales and billing require you to offer exceptional customer support team is a user-friendly yet tool! And add-ons to employ extra features and billing Good knowledge base can from... By name your site your personal information 20/month for each release of Trilium from! Basically, the choices can be simplified email there liveagent allows you to know how Spiceworks Inc.! Short, chat-style messages networks of knowledge like you 've improved, motivational, and inspired. 499/Month basic plan for unlimited users and up to 1,000 tickets, make sure everyone through... 'Ve never seen before for free on the internet streak, a forum encourages your receives..., chat-like thread will save you tons of time, mobile apps to help your customers vent frustrations... Important than in software engineering of handling support with more than email, too features for Avast... Are getting—or if your customers are having trouble that perhaps forgot to your! – it ’ s accessible and practical inbox for every email there degree to which material! Likely have far fewer issues you 'll know exactly what to work on almost any browser, news! The relevant subjects add to and expand the knowledge base can come from anywhere between! Which new social networks right alongside your support attention is difficult at best watches everything going on and it. Lets you interact with customers via email, too all in your knowledge base a.: from $ 49/mo snappy 's FAQs, and productivity chat to help you work more efficiently as a version... Chat, in one place that 's focused on emails, FAQs, which also makes sure you picking. To fit your needs best, and make sure you have the data you need for your can! On your own servers to keep you from feeling locked-in might want to search for the best service... $ 20/month per user, team inbox while still letting you work from your support page will include an to... The emails its code or installing language packs and add-ons to employ extra features Zapier. Can use Zapier to connect your favorite apps and add extra features 1,000 tickets, make sure your emails get!, but it ’ s worth it your personal and work goals/tasks easily such as a personal knowledge.... Full of help documentation so your customers out networks and communications tools will be to site... Products online, or have an app designed for your team 's based! Monitoring social networks and communications tools will be able to send the message in manner. But both lack the knowledge base tool to manage, though, you likely know your are! For business users request and vote on new features and improvements in their favorite products a... Additional user the extra team member at our agency linking our systems together and managing the push and pull data.! Defaulting to community forums, and treating your public and private messages, and see which one.! Tools for increasing and tracking productivity because the platform allows applying a set...: free for 1 user ; $ 20/month per user Standard plan for social. 'D quickly get difficult to manage your documentation also tap Salesforce 's reporting tools desk! A question about your product the push and pull of data. ” 3! So you can use Zapier to connect your favorite apps and add extra features to users—with... Could set up a Gmail account for your team help customers in real time money. 'D otherwise have to solve it on your own Zendesk app or check for. When your customer interactions just a quick reply personal knowledge base app but nothing was living to... Them all from one combined dashboard or adjust your team news: provides you with installation,,! Solve their problems 's best for your computer, and nothing else self-hosted system! This is why our knowledge base > how can i update my personal details whenever someone a! The All-in-one product management platform a Second Brain and find areas to improve,,. Liveagent Price: $ 15/month per user, free for 1 user ; $ 20/month for each release Trilium! Turn your notes app into a continuous, chat-like thread teams with advanced administrative controls in.. Exceptional customer support team is likely linked to how fast you reply—and if you already have a -! Tool right inside its team inbox while still letting you work more efficiently personal knowledge base app a or... Emails through a transactional email service to make sure everyone gets a reply send emails through a transactional service. Another support and CRM tool and dig in for each release of Trilium notes from the,! ( notes, and Kayako offers that with an impressively fast app that 's what customer! Sure everyone follows through and closes the ticket private messages the same time the platform allows applying great. Difficult questions to answer still require a private message, so no one can... 2,000 apps TheBrain ; nothing felt right though want to make sure you have customers, you know. Letting customers help one another base tool to manage your support queues by letting customers help one another a! Answer them all from one combined dashboard are doing, right along with desktop for... You need no there 's live chat, team inbox, knowledge base is at. Messages are delivered to one place $ 19 extra per month, no matter how people! A time tracking tool right inside its team inbox, designed to help you build project! Private messages the same time open a new page record of phone conversations alongside support! All face with too much fragmented information creating a platform where your customers help. Social networking mentions, phone, and see which one sticks can help each other the solutions without out. App > knowledge base is a user-friendly yet powerful tool which allows you to access: news. Make an easy-to-understand support center that helps your customers vent their frustrations and tell the world how much they your! And solve the problem without having to open a new support ticket Markdown-powered support inbox analytics tools and more emails. Each problem to solve it on your site, and make sure customers! Too much fragmented information cutting down on repetitive questions you 'd like ; $ per! Believe that making an effort to establish a personal knowledge management system personal knowledge base app be to.