This is the translation of the word "shrimp" to over 100 other languages. Please find below many ways to say shrimp in different languages. What does shrimp farming mean? Definition of shrimp-fish in the dictionary. 2. Find more Arabic words at! Arabic words for shrimp include جمبري, قريدس, برغوث البحر, صاد القريدس, الإربيان أو الروبيان سمك and قريدس سمك. Information and translations of shrimp farming in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Shreem is also associated with the third-eye chakra, and is believed to be a divine sound that can connect the practitioner to universal consciousness.In yoga, shreem may be chanted to still and focus the mind during meditation. They have been exposed to the variety of flora and fauna belonging to the sea for so long. Definition of shrimp farming in the dictionary. Whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei, formerly Penaeus vannamei), also known as Pacific white shrimp or King prawn, is a variety of prawn of the eastern Pacific Ocean commonly caught or farmed for food Description. The shreem mantra is a one-syllable sound known as a bija, or "seed," mantra.It is the bija mantra of Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of abundance and prosperity. Meaning of shrimp-fish. Find more rhyming words at! The equivalent title for men is Shri or Sri. (Cookery) (in cookery) to remove the intestinal tract, which resembles a vein, from (a shrimp or prawn) Information and translations of shrimp-fish in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Meaning of Shrimati. What does shrimp-fish mean? Telugu people have access to a very long coast in the eastern side of India. Monier-Williams Dictionary gives the meaning of the root verb śrī as "to cook, boil, to burn, diffuse light", but as a feminine abstract noun, it has received a general meaning of "grace, splendour, beauty; wealth, affluence, prosperity".. The word śrī may also be used as an adjective in Sanskrit, which is the origin of the modern use of shri as a title. Here is a list of some interesting sea animals in Telugu and their English names too. Meaning of shrimp farming. ... Hindi, and Malayalam, Telugu and sometimes in English as well. Macrobrachium rosenbergii, also known as the giant river prawn or giant freshwater prawn, is a commercially important species of palaemonid freshwater prawn.It is found throughout the tropical and subtropical areas of the Indo-Pacific region, from India to Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. It is found in the Indo-West Pacific from eastern and south-eastern Africa, through India, Malaysia and Indonesia to southern China and northern Australia. Words that rhyme with shrimp include crimp, imp, limp, wimp, scrimp, skimp, gimp, blimp, pimp and primp. Adult shrimp grow to a length of about 22 cm (9 in) and live on the seabed to depths of about 90 m (300 ft). The word itself derives from the word 'shreamtia' meaning 'fat tiger'. Etymology. What does Shrimati mean? The Indian prawn (Fenneropenaeus indicus, formerly Penaeus indicus), is one of the major commercial prawn species of the world. Telugu Name Translation రొయ్య shrimp … Sea Animals Names In Telugu Read More »