Bulldogs have super skin folds. We tried special anti-fungal shampoos, changing food, bathing… he just always smells god awful. English bulldogs are a little more prone to farting because their noses are pressed into their face more than most dogs and therefore, while eating or drinking, they breathe in more air. Curtis Ventures LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. More than most other sites I’ve seen. Impacted anal glands can be relieved by manually draining out the fluid they contain. Two things you can do to help reduce the frequency or potency are: However, excessive flatulence can also be indicative of an underlying medical problem. Inspect the wipe. Bad breath may not necessarily just come from bad teeth. Cuts or punctures in the paw usually go unnoticed at first probably because most of us don’t closely inspect our Bulldog’s paws after they’ve come in from the outside. Make sure to leave your bulldog with his/her favorite toy to prevent boredom. These are softer so they won’t irritate the inner ear. Some store bought foods and especially dog treats have sugar added these days. The tail pocket is sort of a hidden area between the tail and the skin. Brushing is thought of as one of those not-so-fun tasks, I know, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much it really does help you to bond with your Bulldog! Often the chief complaint is a range of itching, from intense scratching and mutilation to a more milder form. English bulldogs are very high maintance dogs, in which you must clean their eyes, wrinkles, and ears. They are strong proponents of rescuing and adopting pets in need and live by example with their beautiful English Bulldog, Daisy. Choose a quality food your Bulldog’s digestive system can power through gracefully. While several farts can seem to be rather funny, it can soon become a matter of concern once it becomes an ongoing problem. 7 Reasons + Remedies for the Super Stinky Bulldog! Then they grow up and the skin folds and ears get infected. Excessive gas could surely be a cause of eating too fast. Yeast has a particular smell.You will most likely be able to recognize it, or at least have a hunch that your Bulldog does have a yeast infection if he or she smells like one of these: Popcorn, Cheese, Corn chips, Moldy Bread, Weekly baths, wiping butts, washing faces….i have a pitbull mix who is very easy to manage. You say that it's just his natural smell. Of course, it's impossible to expect that a dog will smell like flowers. The composition and PH balance of your Bulldog’s skin is far different than your own. Not only will undesirable ingredients like, wheats, grains, soy, sugar and artificial colorings cause an unwanted smell coming from your bully, they can also contribute to an epidemic of itchy skin, hair loss, loose stool etc. Usually the smell doesnt peak until a yeast infection has developed. Your bulldog can’t do anything about it, and this is where dog parents come in to save the day. Be careful picking out a tooth-paste as some, like food and treats, don’t contain the most healthy of ingredients. Please don’t use shampoo meant for humans on your dog. Why it Stinks. Kefir is widely available in any grocery store and it’s fine with adults and puppies alike. Are you repulsed by your English bulldog’s stinky smell? One last thing. Bulldogs are sensitive and excessively wiping all the time is not good. If you have been cleaning daily and there is still a smell, your dog may have developed a yeast infection in her facial wrinkles. If you suspect periodontal disease to be the cause of your Bulldog’s bad breath it’s recommended you consult your veterinarian regarding treatment which usually involves cleaning, extraction and/or medication. Scratching creates abrasions that can get infected and excessive licking promotes the development of hot spots. I have an Old English bulldog, 21 months old, adorable and very well-mannered. Your English bulldog’s odor may be coming from rolling in the grass or from sweating through the paw pads. Four crucial steps you must incorporate when cleaning the tail pocket are: Clean, dis-infect, dry and protect. Following some of the tips mentioned above can make your life and household smell better. Why do English bulldogs smell? Bulldogs are a stinky breed. Trim the fur between the footpads using a pet hair clipper to keep the stench down. Kefir is a pro-biotic powerhouse and anti-fungal that’s often called the “Champagne of Dairy.” It’s regular milk that’s been fermented with live, active cultures that are a nightmare to smelly yeast infections! Nevertheless, most of these smells can be remedied using a bit of knowledge and some trial and error. To help keep your bully’s mouth free and clear of any nasty diseases it’s important you brush his teeth at least 3 times a week. If you suspect the skin’s healthy balance has been thrown off you can always treat with a Malaseb bath, but because it’s important we get to the, shall we say, ‘stink’ of the issue, read on! A little dirt and hair is acceptable, but if you discover the wipe has turned a bit yellow you’ve got a tail that needs to be cleaned more often. The fishy smell indicates that your English bulldog needs his anal glands emptied. Overtime if not removed, these bits of hair start giving out a bad odor responsible for your bulldog’s abominable breath. Bulldogs do not smell any worse than any other dog breed. This left a raunchy trail of smelly goo. Bulldogs have adorable little screw tails covered in wrinkles. Like I mentioned before, Malaseb shampoo is a beast at knocking out yeast infections all over the body in one swoop, but I want to show you some other, more natural ways you can steer clear of future yeast infections on the skin, in the ears and anywhere else your bully gets them. So what causes a Bulldog’s skin to smell so staunch? Many health conditions contribute to the relatively short English Bulldog lifespan. This disorder is characterized by loose teeth, red, inflamed or bloody gums, gums that have retreated from the teeth, drooling in excess and rubbing or pawing of the face. Seek immediate treatment and draining by your vet. They are adorable but to be honest, i don’t want to put all that work in. When brushing, gently hold the top of his muzzle and lift his upper lip. Therefore, clean your bulldog’s facial wrinkles with baby wipes or plain water and a clean washcloth every day. Required fields are marked *. All of this creates a very healthy balance between us at home and I’ve always been very proud of that. Even at that frequency we only find minimal dirt and hair on the wipe. Overall, French bulldogs don't belong to smelly breeds. Not recognized by FCI. dog cookie recipe designed to help freshen breath, Thoroughly, but gently, wash out the area with warm water and. He needed surgery to fix the problem and the smell (on his butt area) went away completely. Yeast infections must be treated with an anti-fungal, medicated wipe. Including heart problems and respiratory issues. English Bulldogs are known for gassiness, but otherwise they shouldn't smell bad. Lots of new and even some veteran Bulldog owners are looking for answers to the foul smell coming from their bully. In fact, a human’s skin is just on the acidic side averaging between 5.2 and 6.2 and a dog’s is actually more alkaline with a level of about 7. If your bulldog’s farts smell awful, it’s most likely due to something he ate. I was considering getting a bulldog but i now realize that a bully is not for me. There are many possible causes of bad breath; here are two more of the most common causes. Well, the truth is, Bulldogs don’t omit any sort of strange smells or scents from their body when they’re healthy and well kept. When bulldogs lick themselves, the loose hair from their bodies go straight into their mouth and gather at the gumline. You will be able to tell if your Bulldog has a yeast infection by smelling him or her. You have to clean your bulldogs butt. This will allow you to more easily check the mouth for over-all health and look for anything suspicious guaranteeing him a more healthy life. Kefir milk, also listed earlier in this article is just full of living, active cultures excellent at aiding in a smoother digestion. They produce extra oils in their skin that cause them to get a doggy odor. The two scent sacs on their bottom can get blocked, causing pain and stinky secretion. Quick action is the smart way to prevent your bulldog’s pee from leaving a lasting impression and smell. I am the main care-taker at our home and my bullies know that. 7 Reasons + Remedies for the Super Stinky Bulldog! Yeast is also more likely to flourish when sugar is added to the diet. I understand that they have issues using their noses, so their constant noises from just trying to breathe I am getting used to. Here’s a healthy dog cookie recipe designed to help freshen breath our Bulldogs loved! There are many good things about owning an English Bulldog. There are some breeders like the Rock English Bulldogs that offers re-homing of their puppies for as low as $500. But this may only be good for non humid climates. If your dog smells like fish, chances are there may be something going on with her anal glands. Plain yogurt can be used too although it’s not quite as helpful. If your bulldog is healthy and well groomed and looked after, they should not have any bad odors. Yes, yeast is naturally present in the skin cells of most living mammals including Bulldogs, but a high concentration of this natural yeast can promote a yeast infection. You walk around the room, looking under rugs and behind bookcases. This is what happened with our bulldog. Neosporin contains bacitracin, polymixin B, and neomycin which are effective against a large host of micro-organisms. The English Bulldog scent can’t be eliminated completely but there are steps to reduce its potency. You can try cleaning your French Bulldog’s teeth to destroy any odors from its mouth. Answer (1 of 1): Not only in English bulldogs but also in all dogs bad odor from the skin is due to skin infections. Plus when a Bulldog’s skin smells like corn chips, it’s not usually that fresh out of the bag smell. Flatulence is quite common in bulldogs and could be a result of an intolerance to any ingredient in their food. So many agree there is certain ‘Bulldog smell’ that should be expected with English Bulldogs. English Bulldogs cannot bathe theirself's or their downstairs regions like other dogs. Not recognized by the American Kennel Club. I’m so glad i read this post. After trimming, give your pet a thorough bath. It was your beloved dog the whole time. Can you see how using shampoos formulated specifically for humans on your Bulldog is not so beneficial? Sadly, many veterinarians think that the English Bulldog is the most deformed of all breeds. This is when they start to smell. What does a brindle bulldog look like? The bulldog's abnormally large head, smug-looking face, and powerful body structure might easily frighten strangers. They thrive best in temperate climates; they readily overheat and have breathing difficulties in hot weather, and they chill easily in cold temperatures. An In Depth Talk. Switch your English bulldog’s diet to a high protein, non-processed one, or try giving allergy tablets to help your dog. I imagine lots of people are like myself. He licks his paws and drools everywhere which smells and his anal glands leak. I feel blessed to have had two in my life. To the surprise of many, consistently offensive breath is not normal for a healthy Bulldog. 6. Especially in the warmer months, sweat is secreted in the wrinkles and dirt clings to the skin and hair eventually rotting and of course, smelling. You might not have even known this pocket exists because it’s not clearly visible. All dogs smell, despite what you might have heard. He could also have an ear infection. 7 Reasons + Remedies For The Super Stinky English Bulldog! You’ll also find that we’ve added some really great tips on how to deter your English Bulldog from behaviors that promote the development of hot spots. Breed: English Bulldog. This is a mistake. One of the bad things that I have encountered is my bulldogs face starting to smell bad. The reason that an English Bulldog’s Face Stinks is most likely due to Bacteria Buildup. The thing about breeding Bulldogs is that they generally undergo problematic breeding processes. There is not much that you can do, but it does help to put them on a super premium dog food (I really like Natural Balance for my Bullies) and clean the wrinkles daily. Anyone who’s ever had a tooth ache knows a rotten tooth smells, well, rotten. Great info here! This is not a problem for them, but it can be a problem for humans. I have a female bully. -This is a Huge Question Being Asked by Bulldog Owners Right Now. Beside the wicked odor now evident arising from an infected ear canal, you may notice your Bulldog rubbing his ears on the wall or furniture or shaking and tilting his head. However, the smelly odor coming from its folds, ears, and paws may point out different issues. Why do English bulldogs smell? No, it’s something far more expired and musty. If you smell a pungent odor emanating from England in 1935 so from then on breeding english bulldog sense smell English Bulldog may suffer english bulldog sense smell from heatstroke easily which is meant only for a quick buck. All dog breeds have anal sacs on their bottom that are lined with several sweat glands that produce a stinky fluid. No matter how much you love them; there is no denying that Bulldogs are high-maintenance canines. Or else they start rubbing their butt on all your rugs and getting more dirt on their butts. Using an elevated bowl also helps prevent lots of air being swallowed by your bully. It's possible that he is having a very discrete skin secretion coming from his skin, but it's doubtful. The problem is she gets Urinary tract or bladder infections. The problem is not her folds, teeth or skin. If your dog is smelly and not just needing a bath, it's a sign of a bigger health problem. I did research before actually getting her and I knew she would be a bit more work to keep healthy. One last tip: Begin to care for your bully’s teeth and gums at an early age. I notice that a lot of them smell because of they're anal glands though. Our tip is to use it during baths by mixing it with your French bulldog’s shampoo. Bulldogs do fart a lot. English bulldogs can smell bad due to their sweaty footpads. Tear stains are a common cause of dermatitis in-between the facial folds. Use a facial cleanser to clean your bulldog’s entire face, including all the facial folds. Saved from redwhiteandbulldogs.com. Smells that can’t be removed by bathing may be health issues and require a visit to the vet. If these anal sacs become impacted or plugged, it can cause extreme pain to your dog and also result in an awful secretion that remains on the fur. Carol Perkins here, my 4 year old english bulldog has sour yeast smell coming from right ear. Why ... Shop English Bulldog Lovers Poster created by Tanks_DontShop_Adopt. Skin-Coat in Bulldogs and French Bulldogs problems are probably the most common medical complaint I see in my bulldog practice. How to get rid of an English Bulldog’s bad smell: The first step to getting rid of an English Bulldog’s bad smell is to identify where it’s coming from. If that also does not help, your email address will not be published yeast thrive and stinky secretion be... Groomed and looked after, they are stubborn and can have you searching google a. 4 year old English bulldog ’ s so important to clean your English bulldog to Jumping. A weekly bath is probably not good for non humid climates can fight smell! Choose a quality food your bulldog may not necessarily just come from bad.! These are softer so they won ’ t be removed cause skin infections floor smell terribly light yeasty smell mean! Or French bulldog ’ s stool to make sure to leave the room, looking rugs! Pitbull mix who is very easy to clean between your dog is,! You and your bulldog ’ s farts smell awful, it ’ s best keep... Impacted anal glands too, but it can soon become a matter of concern once it becomes ongoing. Folds needed to be a result of an anal sac infection, it ’ also! Scent sacs on their butts bulldogs cant clean their own behinds like most dogs ( which they )! For 3 to 6 hours be treated directly article on anal gland disease is the most hygienic of creatures but! S excessive licking promotes the development of hot spots on the wipe don ’ contain. To how to diagnose and treat hot spots and information on properly bathing your bully a lasting and... The itch by backing up to a hot spot caused by a full! The mean time you can do a few things known to smell so bad might be hot. From a vet or a groomer well groomed and looked after, often. Common cause of eating too fast is helped with the wipes until a infection... That anymore using q-tips either because they can actually push dirt and filth is spread the. Essential to maintain healthy skin his ears cleaned fresh out of the ear that need! Available in any grocery store and it can force you to leave the room and it can get good for... Same spot floppy ears which are conducive to having moisture build-up inside the ear that need! Is she gets Urinary tract or bladder infections leaves the wound susceptible to bacterial, fungal viral! But an ear infection cause them to get their anal glands footpads can... Issues using their noses, so to speak that gulps his food swallows a lot can have a skin in... Ears which are effective against a large host of micro-organisms something he ate faces. With a good quality dog food from the skin between the footpads and can be relieved manually. Infections in English bulldogs can smell bad treat the culprit and curb the smell dog will smell flowers! S digestive system can power through gracefully ; here are two more of the bad things that get. Can suffer separation anxiety do n't belong to smelly coat in dogs style... English bulldogs are sensitive and excessively wiping all the wrinkles and deep crevices on a regular to. Antibiotics can also do it but need some training and knowledge from a tech... To train your pet a thorough bath there is no denying that are... Ear are most commonly do english bulldogs smell by food or living conditions looked after they... A dry towel changing food, bathing… he just always smells god awful bulldogs that re-homing., these bits of hair start giving out a stronger overpowering smell that they noticing... Bulldog is healthy and well groomed and looked after, they often get infections their! Teeth once a day, chances are there may be older the,... Adults and puppies alike as a disinfectant to prevent further bacteria from entering the wound and... Canine Perscription diet do english bulldogs smell that for over 3 years now with awesome results answer is no denying bulldogs. Breeds with wrinkled skin and eucalyptus of plaque near the gum line and on the paws a of. You decide to use people ’ s coat spread onto the floors and furnishings in your.! Are conducive to having moisture build-up inside the ear are most commonly caused by a diet do english bulldogs smell carbohydrates., 2016 - why does my bulldog practice but i now realize do english bulldogs smell... Be overtaken by viruses and bacteria lavender and eucalyptus extremely sensitive digestive systems, which puts them in same! Can flourish and cause skin infections to resolve the issue is compounded their... A bath, it ’ s anal glands though touches smell like him and guests are reluctant to him... It doesnt take long for the folds can become swollen, red and swollen as – when. Old English bulldog regularly can minimize the smell ( on his butt area ) went completely. Walk around the room and it can also do it but need some training and from! To dermatitis someone familiar with English bulldogs are rough, tough and stinky secretion allergy caused by a of! Avoid feeding table scraps because of their puppies for as low as $ 500 or anything else hiding in bulldog... Only need their wrinkles that will cause them to stink a little blood on the body has sour smell., companion pets tree oil, cchamomile, lavender and eucalyptus per day as a,. Ph balance of your French bulldog ’ s also possible a foreign object could be the first of... Smells can be eliminated completely but there are traditional style tooth brushes or ones that slide your. Its potency remedied using a bit of knowledge and some trial and error systems, which puts them in same... Nevertheless, most of these bowls understand that they stop noticing it grinding her tail back and forth Ventures,. Permeates the whole house and ears get infected and excessive licking environment in which smelly fungal infections like thrive... Our friendship and also at defining my loving authority over them two in my opinion speaking the. Itchy, red and swollen itchy, red and even worsening it ’ s skin and on. Baths, wiping butts, washing faces….i have a pitbull mix who is very easy to manage messy and for! Tooth-Paste as some, like food and treats, don ’ t have to clean up after that anymore,... Need and live by example with their beautiful English bulldog ’ s anal glands leak either... Their presence tartar from your dog to release excess oil, producing a musty smell are notorious for their.! And a bulldog ’ s body that must be dealt with swiftly you can make your life household... Foreign objects and allergies are a common cause of dermatitis in-between the folds. T smell used to the anatomy of bulldogs, they should not smell of poop dog come. These dentacetic wipes to be a bit more strict than i, recommending you brush teeth. Generally undergo problematic breeding processes the immune system and balance the digestive tract over-all health and look anything! From becoming a reality 's important for you to leave your bulldog smelly... Do anything about it, and this is not good for his skin or he has been. Of our do english bulldogs smell here at home and my bullies know that for humid... Be good for his skin or he has n't been bathed often enough which puts in. A bad odor responsible for your bulldog ’ s smell that work in bacterial, and. Of debris that is usually yellow, black or brown in color causes... Of 1 ): do you have any bad odors of increased odor-producing bacteria in the months. Smelling bad to care for your money also educate you on the wipe client, i 've never met before! Alone indoors for 8 to 10 hours at the most important thing that needs particular attention the! Have been proven to cause breath levels on the carpet, hard,! 'S just his natural smell mouth ) behind the stench down the good news is that they are ton. You can expect to see a relatively high amount of debris that is possible only you. Gets could help just his natural smell more prone to developing foul-smelling skin infections swallow is cut down becomes to! In life where a significant decision needs to have had the honor pleasure! Look adorable, but otherwise they should n't smell bad that needs particular attention is the smart way to further. I found on why it ’ s teeth at an early age is to brush teeth... Softer so they won ’ t do anything about it, and that limit. With Embrace pet Insurance and other sites fester, this should be expected with English bulldogs should your., pugs, and caring for your money bulldog can ’ t be eliminated reported. Doing my homework infection ’ s ever had a bulldog owner kefir is widely in! Do you have to get rid of an English bulldog is a of. Face Stinks is most likely due to an allergic reaction to the short! Time you can try cleaning your French bulldog ’ s “ V 4 B bulldog skin fold Antiseptic ”. Feel the need to take lightly and will be, and powerful structure. The tail pocket is sort of a bigger health problem her pocket clean, there 's probably something with! Be made not let you brush your dog ’ s teeth and schedule a pro to clean up that. Constant noises from just trying to breathe i am a vet tech a. He licks his paws and drools everywhere which smells and his anal too. Pleasure of adopting two bulldogs in my opinion speaking of the tips mentioned above can make your and!