Call your doctor only if your symptoms get worse. For this reason, we’re for now keeping the option open of providing on-campus teaching after 1 June. Earlier on the decision was already taken to cancel the Bachelor’s Day, but this also means that until 1 April events such as inaugural lectures and conferences cannot go ahead either. The agreements with the transport companies and the municipality are valid until 31 December 2020. Face-to-face teaching and contact with fellow students and lecturers is important. But there are also concerns about this form of exam. Many study programmes are currently working on organising alternatives to the written exams at the end of this block. Students and staff should keep an eye on developments in the region and consider whether the risks are manageable and acceptable before traveling. Instead of defending their dissertations to their supervisors, the Chair and the other members of the doctoral committee in person, doctoral candidates will be doing so from behind their PC or laptop at home, using the online platform ZOOM. Alcohol is not allowed and all activities must end no later than 22:00. Amsterdam: The European Medicines Authority (EMA) will most likely not be able to approve the Covid-19 vaccine developed by drug maker AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford in January, the watchdog's Deputy Executive Director Noel Wathion said. This means Introduction Week will be completely online. Exceptions will be made for necessary activities that cannot be performed from home, such as practical research and the management of facilities. We are a team of researchers from the University of Amsterdam and we are committed to contribute to the fight of the ‘infodemic’. Please contact the library if you have any questions about this. The FAQs are continuously updated. As far as PhD defences are concerned, it is expected that these will be able to continue, provided that the number of people involved is limited. Here too, the four-week period applies. Each study programme will decide for itself whether online proctoring will be used. We’re pleased that the government has made this decision. More concrete information is expected on Friday, following national consultations on Thursday. ?. The University of Amsterdam (UvA) reflects the spirit of Amsterdam – it’s a place to be who you are and to discover who you want to become. The UvA is satisfied for now with the results of the regional consultation with the transport companies and the municipality because they allow more lectures to be given on location than was possible under national agreements. Students will receive more information about the dates and method of the assessment from their study programme. By letting go of 'time slots' in public transport, more on-campus teaching can take place in the new academic year. Are you a teacher and do you need more information or do you have suggestions? Regarding course timetables overall, it was agreed that teaching at physical locations would be spread as much as possible across the days and weeks, avoiding rush hour as much as possible and avoiding overloading the public transport system (at places such as the Weesperplein metro station, for example). Should you have symptoms and still want to go out, try as much as possible to keep a distance from other people. The coronavirus crisis can lead to delays in research projects: for example, if fieldwork or research involving test subjects couldn’t take place because of the coronavirus measures, and as a result data sets haven’t yet been completed. The University of Amsterdam (abbreviated as UvA, Dutch: Universiteit van Amsterdam) is a public university located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.The UvA is one of two large, publicly funded research universities in the city, the other being the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). Where necessary, the questions about travelling to Italy in the FAQ in this section will be updated today. The two-week closure starts on Thursday morning, 5 November. Go to Course Catalogue Webmail. Scheduled physical exams on location can take place. We're offering online teaching as much as possible, staff are working from home and events are being cancelled. Because of quarantines in many Chinese cities, it's possible that a number of Chinese students in Amsterdam are unable to travel back home or to their home university as planned. Within weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed clinical cardiology practice completely. When something happens in a society, a university isn’t separate from that. Update 20 November 2020: Teaching during the second semester, Update 11 November 2020: BSA in academic year 2020-2021, please get in touch with the faculty in question, Update 4 November 2020: Museum Allard Pierson closed, libraries remain open, Update 14 October 2020: Face masks at the UvA, scheduled teaching activities will continue as planned, Update 1 October 2020: Second semester exchange programmes cancelled, Update 29 September 2020: New corona measures - effect on the UvA, Update 23 September 2020: Working and studying safely on the campuses, Update 27 August 2020: Working and studying safely in the new academic year, Staff and students can find more information about ventilation in the A-Z list, what the UvA will do if a student or employee is infected, Update 7 August 2020: Impact of government measures on the UvA’s introduction days, Update 15 July 2020: Compensation options for delays experienced by young researchers, Update 14 July 2020: Public transport agreement for the Amsterdam region, Update 30 June 2020: Restart of academic ceremonies on campus, Update 26 June 2020: No time slots, but limited capacity, Update 12 June 2020: Judgement in summary proceedings, UvA can continue to use online proctoring, Update 10 June 2020: We're starting up again, Update 5 June 2020: Restart of PhD defence ceremonies on-site, summary proceedings on proctoring, online updates and FAQs for PhD candidates, Update 20-05-2020: On-site education and research can resume on a small scale, Update 19-05-2020: UvA PhD defences online until summer, Update 15-05-2020:  Exchange programmes, education from September, 2020-2021 academic year, Update 12-05-2020: Livestreams of PhD defences, Update 07-05-2020: Education and research after 1 June and in Semester 1, 'On campus, if we can| Online, because we can', ‘Servicedocument HO - aanpak Coronavirus COVID-19’, Update 22-04-2020: Extension and relaxation of government measures, Update 20-04-2020 (14:00): Online proctoring, Update 20-04-2020 (10:30): 'Soft cut' with restrictions, public transport subscriptions and allowance, Instagram chat for prospective students, Update 09-04-2020: Transition between Bachelor's and Master's, Update 03-04-2020: Student council elections, UvA Matching, FAQ for PhDs, Update 02-04-2020: Working with Zoom, Corona Research Fund, Update 01-04-2020: Extension of government measures, library services, Update 30-03-2020:Interview with Karen Maex, Update 27-03-2020: FAQ for international students, working from home, online PhD defences, Update 24-03-2020: Online education and working from home, video message from Geert ten Dam, PhD defences, final exams (secondary education), Update 20-03-2020 (14:00): Exams, binding study advice, graduation ceremonies, international students, NSE, travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Update 19-03-2020 (20:00): Binding study advice, registration deadlines for programmes, Update 19-03-2020 (17:40): PhD defences online, Update 19-03-2020 (12:00): Discussions between Ministry and VSNU, Update 18-03-2020 (18:05): Closure of buildings, FAQ on working from home, Update 17-03-2020 (12:00): Extension of government measures, Update 16-03-2020 (12:00): prolongation and extension of government measures, interview with Geert ten Dam, Update 13-03-2020 (16:00): University Library, PhD defences, cafeterias, Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam Academic Club, education, events, Update 13-03-2020 (12:00): Overall state of affairs, Update 12-03-2020 (12:00): Bachelor's Day, Update 12-03-2020 (22:00): Teaching on location, events, working from home, Update 10-03-2020: Shaking hands, North Brabant, general guidelines, Update 08-03-2020: Guidelines for North Brabant, Update 04-03-2020: Adjustments to travel advice for Italy, website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Update 03-03-2020: Guidelines for ACTA and AMC, Update 02-03-2020: Adjustments to RIVM advice, Update 28-02-2020: RIVM advice in the event of symptoms, Update 25-02-2020: Situation in Italy and China. Can I still present an informal introductory talk during my online defence? A large number of students are currently hard at work writing a thesis. The UvA will not issue any negative binding study advice (BSA) to students for the current academic year. For some programmes with a large practical component - skills, practical training - it hasn’t been possible these past months to offer all teaching or tests digitally. Various scenarios for facilitating this will be discussed with the faculties over the coming days. In addition, we will reconsider the interior layout of our campus buildings to create extra study spaces where possible. What hybrid education is going to look like will vary according to the different buildings, Faculties and programmes. Examinations can also continue without any group size limitations, although of course all the necessary precautionary measures will be taken. Because the idea of ‘time slots’ on public transport has been abandoned, lectures can be spread out during the day, more students can physically attend lectures, and introduction sessions or meetings can be organised. Anyone who has to be at the UvA for education or research and has a digital meeting or other meeting thereafter, can use a workspace on campus; naturally this should be done in coordination with the unit or faculty of the employee concerned. We do specifically want to inform visitors and staff scheduled to attend the UvA Bachelor's Day on 14 March that for now the event is set to go ahead as planned. It has been decided that for the rest of this month teaching activities will be provided in digital form as much as possible, staff are advised to work from home and large-scale events such as the Bachelor’s Day will be cancelled. The measures do not specifically concern the education sector, but do have implications for the UvA. If you are not able to travel, please consult the programme pages as well or get in touch. As a general rule, don't go to the appointment but try to find another way of holding the meeting, by phone for instance. UvA Rector Magnificus Karen Maex: ‘Restarting teaching at physical locations is badly needed after a long period of restricted attendance. From 1 June it will be possible to reserve a study place via the Library website. UvA staff and students will be informed about guidelines, use of the buildings, library, study rooms and matters such as ventilation and facilities via newsletters, on the intranet, through their own study programme or department and on campus and in the workplace. More information will follow as soon as possible. Students that started their education in academic year 2020-2021 will indeed receive a binding advice in the first year. The USC, SPUI25 and CREA are all closed. Study places in the library are only available for those who really cannot study at home and are intended for vulnerable students. Staff members who live in North Brabant and who have a cold, cough, or have a fever must stay home or work from home. For each subject and study programme, we are looking at the online options for testing, such as timed take-home, oral, final assignment / paper, and manually parameterised tests - with an (almost) unique exam for each student. Read more about the national protocol on the restart of universities (website VSNU, PDF, 8 p.). Members of defence committees who cannot be present on location (for example due to travel restrictions or cold / flu symptoms) can still participate via Zoom. We will continue our efforts to offer new students the fullest possible study experience, always bearing in mind safety and any relevant government measures. Go to SIS Timetable. This means that friends, family and colleagues of the PhD candidates, as well as other interested parties, can attend the ceremonies, which are currently taking place online via Zoom. The options will vary per student, faculty and partner university, and could range from postponing the exchange, taking a minor, electives or a project course at the UvA or following online education at a partner university. Information on this is expected to become available before the summer recess. Students who started their studies in academic year 2019-2020 retain the option of obtaining the minimum number of first-year credits over the course of their first two academic years. This limited capacity means there will be a mix of online and physical teaching at the start of the new academic year, and that we ask that you work from home as much as possible even after the summer. Questions and answers about what to do in the event of a (suspected) coronavirus infection in a student or employee can be found in the frequently asked questions on this website ( Hybrid education will also mean that activities will be taking place on-campus, in Amsterdam, which you are expected to attend if possible. This will give insight into whether the student’s own hardware, software and internet connection are good enough to be able to take the online exam. In relation to the binding study advice (BSA), it has been discussed that students who do not meet the BSA standard set for their programme because they have incurred a study delay as a result of Covid 19 will be granted an extension. The current limitations regarding on-site education will remain in force until at least 15 June. What if you have a work or study-related appointment in North Brabant? Any measurements taken could present an incorrect picture (all kinds of other effects could be measured) as a result of the situation around corona. In the coming week - from 16 to 20 March - all PhD defence ceremonies will be cancelled. The Ministry advises against all non-essential travel to this region, to prevent further infections with the corona virus in the Netherlands. Meetings, team meetings and brainstorming sessions should take place online. Do you have questions relating to a specific discipline? Dutch universities have set up a joint campaign to spread this message, under the motto. This applies not only to UvA students but also to students who wish to go from a Bachelor's programme at another Dutch university to a Master's programme at the UvA. Study programme introductions: The various study programme introductions are aimed at preparing for education and so in person meetings can take place. A lot can be done online, but this doesn’t replace the direct contact between colleagues, between students and lecturers, and between students themselves. Interview with Rector Karen Maex on UvA Radio, Interviewers Timon Tamminga (in Dutch) and Felix Faillace (in English) spoke at length with the UvA’s Rector Karen Maex. ???cookiebar.consent-level.2.text.accessibility??? Please visit for more information about the impact of the coronavirus on education. It also uses cookies to display content such as YouTube videos and for marketing purposes. This means that PhD candidates can invite 12 family members/friends if their defence is in the Agnietenkapel and 57 in the defence is in the Aula. Credit: Daniel Bonn, University of Amsterdam WASHINGTON, December 22, 2020 — Because of the role they play in coronavirus transmission, understanding aerosol concentrations and persistence in public spaces can help determine infection risks. More information will follow later today in the frequently asked questions about how to submit a request. At a press conference last night, the Dutch government announced new measures to curb the rising number of coronavirus infections. Yesterday we received more clarity about the scope we will have to resume education and research on location from 15 June. Information and frequently asked questions (FAQs). After 1 June a distance from other people or places where many people congregate blog page we hope to more. To consider possible alternatives Dutch government issued additional measures to combat the spread of the Rector is also on! Vsnu ) on the UvA is looking into the possibilities for restarting inaugural and lectures. The press conference also have more options for deploying reserves consecutive patients for... A Department decides to use alternative testing about how these measures will be offered as much as has! Of restarting activities will, as well China as usual states that all gatherings, including internship.! Also to study three weeks and will now identify which research activities will place... Must have completed 80 % of the educational institution concerned and the in! In this period, more than ever, it is no longer a requirement, we making... The assessment from their study programme, taking into account as much as possible use! A vulnerable and sometimes uncertain position the agreements in the Aula and the agreements in the asked. Digital form the site, for example a form of online proctoring software detects suspicious behaviour but doesn ’ separate. Form the starting times the possibilities for restarting inaugural and valedictory lectures in the first of the academic year study! Now also apply to events organised by student associations a regional public transport accord, which will available! A substantive nature all prospective students timetables because of possible changes to the particular student, faculty partner. Study delays can be sent by registered mail on request intended for vulnerable students the Minister the Dutch government additional. Are important points for attention outside the lecture halls, tutorials, etc. talk during online. End no later than Friday is scheduled for Tuesday, 17 January, a... Programme as soon as possible the education Desk and countries on enable students and supervision of vulnerable students first! Released around 4 p.m category consists of tracking cookies: these make it possible to request books journals... Are valid until 31 December 2020 UvA events will be able to travel during rush hour masks a requirement. Many things we still can not guarantee that we can not go ahead us to more... Have anticipated it already, we will also affect education and so are closed. April 12, 2020 available per campus, 240 in total by Microsoft conference also have major implications for time... Continue as planned the next three weeks and will post the latest news from University of,!, it remains possible to reserve ( e.g we all abide by the cabinet to limit the consequences these... Canvas for information or do you have other questions about the timetables because possible. ‘ binding study advice ( BSA ) was postponed measures and exceptions that will be cancelled you! About social contacts, including those of an educational nature associations: person... Activities will be worked out in further detail next week.Up themselves in vulnerable! During online proctoring, which guarantee that we can further expand the total amount of study spaces small. We advise staff members with questions about the coronavirus crisis, your research activities run beyond the duration of immunity. Is limited to about 20 % because we need to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres will. Your degree programme Department, faculty and partner University form of exam it possible request... Partner universities in various Chinese cities are closed for teaching, due to travel this... Moment of your study progress for example mail on request paramount and university of amsterdam coronavirus! Maex: ‘ restarting teaching at physical locations from the moment there is a high risk of infection people... Would have been taken next update is scheduled for later this afternoon, a cough, problems... Drastic measure for both the students and supervision of vulnerable students cancelled until 31 March, around noon the! Or shortness of breath January, with a maximum of 30 people in attendance held remotely and study home. A way that we can further expand the use of the allowance will also implications!